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Nov 10, 2022

Theatre has the power to inspire, educate, and even change the world. And for Charlotte Perez ‘23, it’s the perfect way to address important social issues through the power of art and performance. She’s been a playwright, a performer, a stage manager, and she recently directed the Theatre Department’s mainstage production of the “Angel’s Trumpet,” while also staying involved on campus as a tour guide, and more.

On this episode, we’ll also talk about navigating college as a first-gen student. And about the importance of following your own intuition as a way to find out who you really are, and who you may wish to become.

Featured Majors: Theatre, Social Justice and Inequalities

Featured Organizations: The Walking Theatre Project, Office of Admissions Campus Tours, Cedar Summerstock Theatre Company Internship, London Theatre Study Abroad, Urban Cohort, Fostering Just Communities