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Jan 21, 2020

The humanities enrich our lives in illuminating ways. They teach us to think critically, adapt to change, to ask the right questions. They teach us about ourselves, and even what it means to be human.

As one of Miami’s most high profile students, Jacob Bruggeman has been an outspoken champion of the humanities. On this episode, he explains how studying the humanities will help you succeed in college, and in life.

Jacob has also been the host of Major Insight since it launched. But as he prepares for life after graduation, this episode also marks a new season, as our new host, Peter Everett, talks to Jacob about his remarkable journey through college.

Featured Majors: History, Political Science, Philosophy, Literature

Featured Awards, Scholarships, and Organizations: Joanna Jackson Goldman Memorial Prize, Geoffrion Family Fellowship, Altman Fellows Program, Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program, Miami Family Fund, Ohio Public Leader Fellowship, The Humanities Center.